How To Build a Rock Crawler
How To Build a Rock Crawler: While you don't have to get too crazy with modifications to dabble in rock crawling we've put together a list of updates you'll want to consider if you want to tackle some of the more challenging climbs.
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Building a Serious Mud Riding Machine
Building a Serious Mud Riding Machine: Before you slog your trusty ATV or UTV into the mud you need to make sure your machine is up to the task and that you have some basic mud riding knowledge.
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2013 Yamaha Raptor 700 Project: Giveaway
The ultimate ATV Christmas gift

After building it up with thousands of dollars in parts and accessories from GYTR and others and taking it out for a final test ride, it was finally time to pick a winner of’s Yamaha Raptor 700 Project ATV. We reached our hand into a very large figurative hat and the lucky winner was chosen – Dewayne Hughes of Ware Shoals, South Carolina.

We called up a very surprised Dewayne and told him he won the contest. Though we weren’t entirely sure he believed us, we finally convinced him when we pulled up in our truck loaded with his awesome new ride.

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2013 Yamaha Raptor 700 Project: Final Testing and Set Up
We take the completed project out for a spin

As a way to thank our loyal readers, is building up and giving away a 2013 Yamaha Raptor 700. We’ve teamed up with Yamaha and some of the biggest names in the industry for this project and one of our lucky readers will take home the finished product.

When we set out to give one lucky reader a 2013 Yamaha Raptor 700, we didn’t realize just how lucky the winner would really be. Not only are we giving away a great ride, but the winner will also be treated to some really trick GYTR components, as well as great OMF Performance wheels, Maxxis Tires, and Pro Taper bars and grips. To top it all off, we are also including a complete set of Fly Racing Kinetic Inversion riding gear!

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ATV Motocross 101: First Trip To The Track
How to get started riding motocross

So you’ve seen pictures of the top racers in magazines and read all about ATV motocross over the Internet, but to this point, you’ve restricted your ATV riding to the pasture, the trails, or maybe the occasional trip to the dunes. Yes, racing, jumping, and roosting around a motocross track looks like a good time, but it takes a whole different kind of person to actually get out there and do it, right?

While your apprehension has merit, it might not be as difficult as you’d think to translate your riding from the trails to the track. I’m not talking about racing, but merely getting out on a motocross track to burn some laps and try out this alternative, and incredibly fun, format of ATV riding.

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2013 Yamaha Raptor 700 Project: Control and Traction
Tires and wheels and handlebars...oh my!

As a way to thank our loyal readers, is building up and giving away a 2013 Yamaha Raptor 700. We’ve teamed up with Yamaha and some of the biggest names in the industry for this project and one of our lucky readers will take home the finished product.

The last time we had a great deal of action on what we would have considered as a powerful sport quad was almost two years ago. The market has become quiet and getting to push the thumb throttle on a Yamaha Raptor 700 brings back memories of our racing days. The 2013 Raptor 700 has a belly full of rage and getting the power out of the motor is really easy. The only problem we found with that much power is making it contact the earth beneath it and motivating the entire ATV forward without exploding the tires.

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2013 Yamaha Raptor 700 Project: GYTR Power and Protection
New exhaust, nerf bars, bumper and graphics

As a way to thank our loyal readers, is building up and giving away a 2013 Yamaha Raptor 700. We’ve teamed up with Yamaha and some of the biggest names in the industry for this project and one of our lucky readers will take home the finished product.

While the 2013 Yamaha Raptor 700 is piles of fun right out of the box – you can read our review of the stock machine here – you can always make something better. In our experience, the most logical place to look for ways to improve or enhance Yamaha ATVs is through GYTR (Genuine Yamaha Technology Racing).

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How To Get Sponsors For ATV Racing
Sponsorship etiquette and things to keep in mind when approaching sponsors

As racing season draws to a close, racers and team managers are beginning to make plans for 2013. Whether you’re a first time racer or a seasoned veteran, having the right team of sponsors and supporters in your corner is essential to putting together a winning program. In a difficult economy, it’s all the more important to make yourself stand out from the crowd and show a company why you’re a worthwhile investment.

I worked for a season as the sponsorship program director for a reputable tire and wheel manufacturer. In one season I reviewed over 400 sponsorship applications ranging from first timers to multi-time national champions. I’ve seen just about every format of resume imaginable and even debated with racers as to how much they believed they were entitled to.

The important thing to keep in mind when approaching potential sponsors is that sponsorship is a business arrangement. A company that offers you any level of support by way of free product or even a discount believes that you will promote its brand and ultimately help it sell product. Yes, most companies believe in supporting the sport and for that reason will sometimes offer discounts to racers knowing full well that they aren’t getting a great deal of exposure. That is their way of promoting the growth of the sport and helping young up and comers get a jump on their racing career.

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ATV Drag Racing 101
Racing ATVs 300 feet at a time

Some people get their adrenaline fix on a motocross track, banging bars with a dozen other racers. Others find it dodging trees through the forest on their favorite trail system. For drag racers, adrenaline comes in short, powerful bursts 300 feet at a time.

On our recent outing to the Oregon Dunefest we spent a good bit of time watching ATVs, side-by-sides and just about any other high horsepower contraption you can imagine making tracks down the drag strip. Drag racing is a huge part of the weeklong festivities held every year and people come from across the country to test man and machine for the title of king of the dunes.

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Choosing the Right ATV or UTV
Which four-wheeler is right for your needs?, in partnership with, has been working on a series of articles about how and why ATVs and UTVs can be useful tools for farmers and landowners. In the first article, we looked at what these versatile machines could do to help ease your workload. In the second installment we looked at the pros and cons of choosing between an ATV and UTV. Last week we looked at some of the implements and attachments available to help get the job done around your property. This week, drum roll and all, we’ll discuss specifications and get down to the nitty gritty of helping you chose which four-wheeler is right for your needs.


Since we’re focusing more on vehicles used for work and less on sport where top speed and all-out performance are desired, the first area to look at is weight. In the case of a sport machine you want the highest horsepower to weight ratio but in the case of a work vehicle where towing and cargo capacity get the job done, light weight isn’t to your benefit. ATVs have the best horsepower to weight ratios where you can see 750 cc or larger engines powering machines with less than 700 lb. curb weights. UTVs can have similar sized powerplants, but curb weights will generally range from 1,000 to over 1,700 lbs.


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Choosing a Work Vehicle: ATV Vs. UTV
Choosing a Work Vehicle: ATV vs. UTV: It s already been established that ATVs and UTVs are very useful tools around the farm or worksite. Now it s time to decide if an ATV or UTV suits your needs best.
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ATV Freestyle 101: Getting Started
Exploring freestyle basics and catching up with the Moore brothers

I was once told that riding freestyle motocross takes skill, guts and a bit of a loose screw. Sure there’s a certain adrenaline rush that comes with catching big air, but is it really safe (or sane) to hang off the side or completely let go of an ATV in mid air?

Most people try to keep their ATV right-side-up, not intentionally flip upside down 30 feet off the ground, but brothers Caleb and Colten Moore have made quite a name for themselves doing just that.

On a recent outing to the Oregon Dunefest, I had an opportunity to catch up with the X Games standouts as they were back at Dunefest performing for the first time since 2007. The Moore brothers have been performing freestyle motocross shows around the globe for several years and are directly responsible for much of the growth of the sport. They are two of the best and have inspired countless other thrill seeking ATV riders to get involved in freestyle, myself included.

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Desert Camping
Desert Camping: Although some of the same things may be taken to your local desert to camp many people forget just how different the desert is from your typical wooded landscape.
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How To Help Maintain Off-Road Trails
Some helpful tips on how to keep your trail going strong

Riding our many ORV trail systems can be both fun and a great way to get the family out for a day full of Mother Nature’s finest. The trails are always waiting for almost any team of riders and with a small fee paid to park and use the trail you unload and head out. But maybe the trail system you frequent hasn’t been kept up exactly like you would think it should be. Perhaps you see too much trash on the trail or the load/unload area is getting really rough. In some cases, water runoff can get a trail closed completely to prevent erosion. So what can you do to help save the trails you and the family love to ride on? Here are some suggestions for those who are willing to take action.

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Camping With An ATV: Advice on Gear and Trip Planning
Camping With An ATV: Advice on Gear and Trip Planning: Whether it s a simple getaway for the weekend or an all out wild adventure that takes you across miles of trails from town to town your ATV or UTV is a great way to enjoy the outdoors.
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How To Tow ATVs Safely and Securely
Properly securing your trailer will keep the roads safe and you free of fines

Keeping your ATV or UTV safe while towing it to the local ride area is something many people do not take enough time to prepare for. During recent trips along our highways we have seen more than our share of very unsafe towing habits as well as not so legal trailers. Most had their very expensive ATVs and UTVs barely hanging on to the trailer and some were not even tied down.

Just a quick note to get your attention; the weight of the machine will not keep it on the trailer should you have to switch lanes quickly or stop really fast. In this article we will discuss some options for securing your expensive ride to the trailer as well as some items the department of transportation might want you to have before hauling thousands of pounds in machines down the highway.

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Hunting With An ATV: Getting Certified
Securing a hunter safety certificate is the first step

Your ATV or UTV can be used for a lot more than just enjoying the trails or doing some work around your property. These machines can also be very useful on a hunting excursion. However, before you clean your gun and gas up your off-road hunting rig you’ve got to get certified.

It’s hardly the first thing that comes to mind before you go on that first hunt, but it’s required that every hunter complete a safety course. This course keeps the hunting nation full of safe, knowledgeable hunters. As a teen in school I remember the course being offered and made plans several times to attend the two day/night classroom study. As luck would have it I never attended the course and when I got invited to go on my first turkey hunt a little while back I knew it was time to hit the books. The only drawback was that the turkey hunt was only a month away and all the classes in my area had already been filled up! Fortunately, this is the age in the Internet so I was able to take an online course at

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2011 Kawasaki KFX450R Project – Woods Warrior [Video]
We turn the KFX into the ultimate woods macine

Having spent a great deal of time on Kawasaki’s KFX450R, we can say with a fair amount of certainty that it is one of the best 450s on the market for the woods. Its strong and nimble chassis, smooth power with excellent low end, and flexible transmission with reverse gear make the KFX a cool ride for dodging trees. Don’t get us wrong, the Green Machine is no slouch on the track, but at 46 inches wide it is most at home speeding down trails.

Of course, improvements are always possible. We decided to take what we have learned about Kawasaki’s high-performance machine and add a handful of essential hop-ups to get the most out of the KFX for woods warriors, and cross country racers getting their feet wet.

Get the Flash Player to see this player.

Power Up!

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2011 Yamaha Raptor 125 Project – Giveaway
Robert Gallagher wins's Raptor 125 contest

After months of prep work and thousands of entrants, Robert Gallagher of Zanesville, Ohio was announced as the lucky winner of’s 2011 Yamaha Raptor 125 Project.

To enter the contest, Gallagher simply filled out a questionnaire and got signed up for the newsletter. It was absolutely free to enter.

Gallagher takes home a Raptor 125 decked out with aluminum accessories from Yamaha’s GYTR line, DRD Exhaust, Tusk Handlebar Risers, Tag Handlebars, and Spider Grips.

Already an owner of a YFZ450, Gallagher was excited about adding another machine to his garage.

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Yamaha Raptor 125 Project – Performance
We add a DRD exhaust and new tires and wheels and Yamaha are teaming up to give away a 2011 Yamaha Raptor 125 to one of our readers. This is the third article in a four-part series on the newest Raptor. Click here for the more information on the Yamaha Raptor 125 Contest.

Since we upgraded our Project Raptor 125 with protection products from GYTR, aimed at making our machine more durable and longer lasting, we have been busy working on the next stage of upgrades. Record-breaking rainfall has kept us off the trails longer than we expected, but we’ve finally had a chance to see how our changes affect the performace.

Trail Ready Raptor

With GYTR skid plates, nerf bars, bumper, grab bar, and shock covers installed it was time to determine the destiny of our machine. We suspect that most individuals will purchase this machine for trail riding, so our modifications were chosen to make the little 125 a more capable trail machine.

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Yamaha Raptor 125 Project – Protection
GYTR helps toughen up our project Raptor and Yamaha are teaming up to give away a 2011 Yamaha Raptor 125 to one of our readers. This is the second article in a four-part series on the newest Raptor. In future articles we’ll improve power and handling to make this machine even more fun and functional. We’ll also compare it to another 125cc sport quad in a head-to-head shootout. Click here for the more information on the Yamaha Raptor 125 Contest.

Yamaha’s 2011 Raptor 125 was a perfect machine to bring to the market. It offers true sport performance and quality that we suspect will have it being handed down from generation to generation of young riders.

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How To Choose New ATV Tires
How To Choose New ATV Tires: When it comes to improving the performance of your ATV the first place you should look is where your machine meets the ground tires.
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Yamaha YFZ450R MX Project – Part 4
Our project quad goes to the races

In the previous installment of our Yamaha YFZ450R MX project we installed a variety of GYTR goodies, as well as a GPR steering stabilizer. The GYTR parts provided improved looks and protection, while the GPR stabilizer gave our project quad better handing under rough conditions.

In this final installment of our series we wrap up our build and take it to Earlywine Racing Indoor Motocross Track in Maysville, Ky. for a little racing. Unlike most indoor tracks, Earlywine’s fantastic indoor facility features six passing lanes. This provides racers with many lines to choose from and it is wide enough to have an exciting race. Also, as the weather is getting colder here in the Midwest it only made since to make the trek down to an indoor facility if we wanted to have any chance of staying out of the snow.

On the way to Kentucky we stopped in to see our friends at Idol Speed in Greenfeild, Ind. While we were there Idol Speed installed and set up its QuadShot device on our project Yamaha YFZ450R in hopes to getting us better holeshots. The Idol Speed QuadShot device works similar to a dirtbike’s holeshot device – it compresses the front suspension on the starting gate and releases once the racer enters the first turn.

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Yamaha YFZ450R MX Project – Part 3
We add GYTR power and flair to our motocross racer

Yamaha’s YFZ450R comes straight from the factory just itching to race. With its wide stance, excellent power, and comfortable ergonomics, it’s got a fantastic foundation. With a few tweaks, however, it can be a champion.

In our previous installment, we looked to improve traction with a set of awesome Maxxis SYHP Razr MX tires and ITP T9 Pro Series Trac-Loc wheels. This time we’ll focus on power and protection.

We decided to call up our good friends at GYTR. Fortunately for us GYTR was glad to help with the build and soon sent over a couple of boxes filled with goodies, including a front bumper, grab bar, racing lanyard, nerf bars, and a full exhaust system. We also received a Dynojet Power Commander and a GPR Steering Stabilizer. All of these products are available through Yamaha’s official website.

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Yamaha YFZ450R MX Project – Part 2
Maxxis SYHP Razr MX tires and ITP T9 Pro Series Trac-Lock Wheels

One of the most important things when riding is getting good traction. Whether you’re just a trail rider or a racer you need to be able to get from point A to point B, and without traction you will be left in the dust no matter how built-up the rest of your ATV is.

As we have had our Yamaha YFZ450R MX Project for several weeks now, we thought it was time to change out the tires and try out something different. Our good buddies at Maxxis and ITP sent out a set of wheels and tires to put them to the test.

ITP sent us a set of rear T9 Pro Series Trac-Lock rear wheels. These wheels feature an outer bead lock ring and an inner reinforcing ring. The ITP T9 Trac-Lock wheels are made to be tough with .190 aluminum wall construction. The outside bead lock ring comes into play when sliding around rough corners on the track and it also adds some styling to the wheels. Often times with stock wheels, if the tire catches a rut just right the tire can come off the bead. There is nothing more embarrassing than crossing the finish line with a floppy tire, even if you are lucky enough to make it that far.

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Yamaha YFZ450R MX Project – Part 1
Building an A Class killer

As’s resident sport quad aficionado, we’re always excited when a manufacturer comes out with something new. When Yamaha introduced its YFZ450R for the 2009 model year we were extra stoked as we’d been racing on the original YFZ450 for several years.

We were lucky enough to be one of the first to have tested the YFZ450R when it was first introduced. We’ve ridden it out in sand dunes in Southern California and on numerous motocross tracks, but we’d never really had a chance to enter it into real race settings. That’s all about to change.

Yamaha recently loaned us a 2010 YFZ450R for some long term testing and we’ve decided to jump on the opportunity and use the YFZ for a motocross project. This article will mark the first of a series on racing and modifying the 2010 Yamaha YFZ450R to be competitive in the local AMA district 15 MX in the A Class.

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Yamaha Grizzly 550 Project
Three simple bolt-ons make a tougher Grizzly

The Yamaha Grizzly 550 is such a capable, nimble handing, and fun-to-ride ATV we’ve managed to rack up a lot of time on it. We have conquered a lot of rugged terrain on the machine, but one day while grinding over some rocks in a creek bed we managed to rip the front mounting holes out on our machine’s stock rear chassis skid plate. Fortunately, we were able to re-secure the skid plate, but we knew it would need to be replaced before our next outing.

Like most 4x4s, the Grizzly is equipped with plastic skid plates. They’re light weight and offer sufficient protection for most trail obstacles, but as we have learned, large jagged rocks are a formidable match. We wanted to continue riding our Grizzly wherever the trail led us, but we knew if we were going to play in the rocks some upgrades in undercarriage protection would be a good idea. With tough conditions in mind, we decided to add a small handful of accessories to our Grizzly to make it more durable and improve its overall capability in the worst trail conditions.

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2010 Santor Design Co. LT-R450 Projects
Dressing up two LTRs for the Dealer Expo

In addition to writing for, I also operate a graphics company called Santor Design Co. Each year SDC puts together an ATV project for the International Powersports Dealer Expo. In fact, it was at the 2008 Dealer Expo where I first met’s editorial staff.

When we put together an ATV for the show, we feature a theme that is unique and different than just a regular race ATV you see throughout the show. For the 2008 show we designed a “Whisky Runner” YFZ, which you can read about here. A year later we were given space in the Maier Plastic booth and designed a YFZ450 with a “ Stripper kit” that featured two girls on the gas tank with fish nets wrapped around the plastic.

This year at SDC we decided to start with a different base model. Instead of using a YFZ as our canvas we choose not one, but two Suzuki LT-R450s. These two quads belong to two Team Santor riders, Landon and Derek Glass. Both of these LTRs were ridden before we started the build, which was a new experience for us. It would have been nice to bring home two new ATVs and strip them down the first few minutes we had our hands on them, but we decided to save a little money and literally get our hands dirty with this build. One LTR was built to be featured in the Kenda Tires booth and the other was destined for Blingstar’s booth. Both will be ridden hard throughout the 2010 race season.

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TPR Yamaha YFZ450R Project: Ride Review
We put TPR's latest project to the test

Our ride review for the Tarantula Performance Racing project Yamaha YFZ450R took place over the span of two days, at two different test tracks and with two test riders. The quad performed well for both riders, one of whom competed in 2009 in the Pro ranks of the NEATV-MX series, while the other is a novice rider who has competed locally in Ohio.

If you missed it, check out’s first story detailing the months-long process of building the TPR project YFZ450R. For this story, we’ll skip most of the product details by jumping right in and explaining how they improved the new Yamaha’s stock performance.

Saddle Up!

The ergonomics and controls on a race quad are more important than most people think. A lot of riders ignore the angle of their levers, handlebar pitch and foot peg height to their own detriment. Comfort is one key to riding fast and avoiding fatigue.

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TPR Yamaha YFZ450R Project
The YFZ-R gets an MX makeover

Tarantula Performance Racing’s latest project took Yamaha’s new YFZ450R and improved its track-ready prowess ten-fold.

TPR is well known for its part in producing the Spyder Quad, a tarantula-themed custom Suzuki LTR450 that made its debut with Douglas Wheel Technologies at the 2008 Indianapolis Dealer Expo. But the Spyder Quad, with all its industry-leading aftermarket additions, was destined to be a show piece that, to this day, has never hit the track.

This season, TPR took a different approach with the Tarantula Performance Racing project Yamaha YFZ450R. TPR built the YFZ-R to debut its new line of Race Safer Pro combination nerf bar and heel guards, but the TPR crew also wanted this quad to perform on the track and not just be another show queen.

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How to Ride the Dunes
Here is a quick run-down of some important safety reminders to keep in mind as you head off to the dunes for a weekend of fun with family and friends.
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Yamaha Raptor 250 Project – Giveaway
Joe Shinsky wins's Raptor 250 contest

Some times in life the odds are stacked against you – be it winning the lottery or even in some cases getting struck by lightning. For Joe Shinsky it was a combination of both. Joe was the lucky winner of’s Project Yamaha Raptor 250 Giveaway. He couldn’t believe it; he was shocked that he of all people was the lucky one to be given such a tricked out ATV for FREE! Who could blame him? More than 5,000 people entered the contest and he was the lucky winner.

Joe hails from Northern Ohio and is 19 years old. He has been riding ATVs almost his whole life. He still has home videos of his dad walking along side of him riding his first ATV – an ATC 70. He has since honed his riding skills and now rides a limited edition 2008 Yamaha Raptor 250. Yes, Joe already has a Raptor 250, which he now plans to use a practice bike.

Sunday, September 6 was the day we scheduled to drop off the Project Raptor 250. Me and my girlfriend, Olivia Shuff (who also test rides for the site) loaded up and headed out east to Ohio. We planned to meet up with Joe at the Maumee State Forest, which is located about 30 minutes east of Toledo. The plan was to have Joe rip it around the trails for a quick photo and video shoot. It sounded like a pretty simple plan, but it certainly didn’t turn out that way.

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Yamaha Raptor 250 Project – Overview
You can win this modified monster!

If you’ve been following along at home, you’ll know that has been busy building up a Project Yamaha Raptor 250 that one of our lucky readers will get to take home.

Though the Raptor was already head and shoulders ahead of the rest of its 250cc sport quad competition, we thought it would be fun to outfit it with a variety of bolt-on accessories and replacement parts to boost the performance and give it a new look.

Our goal was to build a machine that just about anybody with basic set of tools and a little knowhow could duplicate for themselves at home without pulling their hair out from frustration. Also, since the Raptor 250 has a reasonable sticker price to begin with, we wanted to keep the budget within reason. The end result certainly isn’t a full-on race quad, but it is a machine that has more power, improved handing and comfort, added protection and a much bigger “Wow” factor than what you’ll find on the showroom floor.

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Yamaha Raptor 250 Project – Part 5
Santor Design Co. graphics and Maier USA plastics is building up a Project Yamaha Raptor 250. This is the fifth article in a six-part series. Once the build is complete we will be giving the modified Raptor to one of our readers. Click here to enter for a chance to win.

Over the first four articles in our Raptor 250 Project we’ve enhanced the power with a package of GYTR accessories; upgraded the traction with some new tires from Kenda and some slick wheels from MotoSport Alloys; added some protection with armor from DG Performance and Nerf bars from GYTR; and increased the comfort with a set of Flexx handlebars, Quad Tech seat cover, PowerMadd handguards, and bar clamp and risers from Santor Design Co. With all our performance upgrades complete, we chose to add something that would really make our project Raptor stand out. Eye candy!

Some say beauty is no contest. Well, in this case we decided that it is. We wanted the lucky person who wins the Project Raptor to turn heads wherever they go. To do this, we enlisted the services of Santor Design Co. for a new graphics package and Maier USA for some killer plastics.

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Yamaha Raptor 250 Project – Part 4
Flexx handlebars, Quad Tech seat cover and more is building up a Project Yamaha Raptor 250. This is the fourth article in a six-part series. Once the build is complete we will be giving the modified Raptor to one of our readers. Click here to enter for a chance to win.

Safety & Comfort

Speaking from first hand experience, being comfortable while riding your ATV can make a world of difference. After coming out of past seasons with several broken bones and more than a few bumps and bruises, we knew we had to look for some products that would help reduce the risk of injury and improve our overall riding comfort.

With a shiny new Yamaha Raptor 250 in the garage primed for our project build, we decided to outfit this awesome machine with some cool products that will hopefully spare the lucky winner the heartache of riding the bench while nursing preventable injuries. Well, at least that’s the idea.

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Yamaha Raptor 250 Project – Part 3
Protection from DG Performance and GYTR is building up a Project Yamaha Raptor 250. This is the third article in a six-part series. Once the build is complete we will be giving the modified Raptor to one of our readers. Click here to enter for a chance to win.


Most of us are very conscious about protecting a number of things in our lives. Our families, our health and our investments are some of the more obvious examples, but what about our ATVs?

ATVs, after all, touch on all those. They can provide us with hours of enjoyment with our families, keep us active and fit and are certainly a financial investment – unless, of course, you’re lucky enough to win our Project Yamaha Raptor 250.

Just like you wear a helmet, boots and gloves to keep you safe while riding, your ATV needs some protection from the terrain you so often tread upon. We chose to help safeguard our Project Raptor with a few key products from DG Performance and GYTR.

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Yamaha Raptor 250 Project – Part 2
Motosport Alloys wheels and Kenda tires is building up a Project Yamaha Raptor 250. This is the second article in a six-part weekly series. Once the build is complete we will be giving the modified Raptor to one of our readers. Click here to enter for a chance to win.

Shortly after installing all the GYTR power accessories we featured in Part 1 of our Raptor 250 project, we realized we needed a way to get that extra power to the ground. We solved this dilemma by adding some tricked out Motosport Alloys wheels and set of Kenda tires.

We’ve heard about Motosport Alloys before and we knew about its reputation for manufacturing some of the most stylish and slick looking wheels in the powersports industry. We wanted to check out some product for ourselves and decided to throw a set of Phantom Blue S3 Redline wheels on our Yamaha Raptor 250 Project!

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Yamaha Raptor 250 Project – Part 1
GYTR power and performance is building up a Project Yamaha Raptor 250. This is the first article in a six-part weekly series. Once the build is complete, we will be giving away the modified Raptor to one of our readers. Click here to enter for a chance to win.

If you haven’t had a chance to throw a leg over Yamaha’s race quad prodigy, the Raptor 250, you’re missing out. You may think a 250cc machine might not sound like much compared to the more race-ready 450cc machines out there but the Yamaha Raptor 250 is an absolute blast! With an MSRP of $4,499 it’s also a lot more affordable.

After taking the stock Raptor 250 out for an initial test, it was obvious that this was already the top 250cc quad on the market. It’s the perfect machine to replace the Blaster in Yamaha’s diverse line of ATVs. However, we like to go fast so we figured the Raptor could use a little boost in the power department. Luckily GYTR makes a few accessories that wake up the Raptor 250 engine and provide more power to this already boisterous machine.

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Yamaha Rhino Project – Part 2
Follow us as we complete our Pro race Rhino Project

Back in February we posted a story called Yamaha Rhino Project – Part 1, where we documented our first Stock class race Rhino build, and gave you the scoop on how it performed throughout the season. We also promised that we would follow that story up with the second part of our race build; turning that little stock racer into one of the fastest, coolest looking race Rhinos in the short course UTV circuit. If you have ever wondered what it takes to build a pro level race Rhino, you have come to the right place – read on!

When we made the decision to jump headfirst into the Pro ranks, we had one series in mind initially – the Championship Off Road Racing Series (CORR, for short). At the time, this series regularly boasted a huge UTV turnout, and was home to the fastest UTV racers in the country. This series is where the big boys (and girls!) came out to play, and we had these races in mind throughout the entire build process.

Building a race Rhino is much like writing an essay or a book – first, you need to figure out a basic outline; start broad and work your way in, so to speak. Our first task was to come up with a basic chassis design for our Rhino, and for someone like me, who is an artistic perfectionist, this was only accomplished after researching and studying many race trucks, buggies, UTVs and even some competition rock crawlers. We wanted to be sure our Rhino design was not only functional, but that it was unique and looked great from any angle. Balance and proportion are sometimes overlooked by builders, and we wanted to be sure our Rhino looked as good as it performed.

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Yamaha Rhino Project – Part 1
Rhino Racing 101 - Building a stock racer

We are pretty sure that back in the early part of this decade, when the engineers at Yamaha were putting their heads together to design and plan the first production Yamaha Rhino 660, they couldn’t have imagined what would become of their humble (yet fully functional) hunting/utility vehicle.

People stared in awe at the first ‘duner’ Rhinos appearing in 2004 at sand dunes around the country, amazed at the creativity and deep pockets that helped create some of those first tricked out, four seat conversions that continue to dominate holiday weekends at dune areas everywhere. However, those Rhinos pale in comparison to some of the first full race Rhinos that appeared soon after, as an entirely new breed of racing was born.

Gone were the four seat cages, and in their place were low profile, extra wide and fully gusseted custom frames which were welded with great care to the original Rhino chassis. Custom designs, excellent aluminum work and trick looking custom suspension packages turned these purely functional UTVs into some lean, mean, racing machines – and began one of the most entertaining forms of racing today.

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How to Buy a UTV
Utility ATV customer hits the dealerships to do some comparison shopping

“Honey, you know how the trail to our camp is really muddy and rough, hey?”
I always add the “hey” when I’m about to ask something to which I know the answer will more than likely be negative.

“Well, I was thinking that if we had one of those side-by-side ATVs, we could go into the camp together and getting in over the trail wouldn’t be a problem.”

A moment of silence, then a reply. “Okay, maybe you should get one then.”

And so began the search for a side-by-side ATV, or UTV, or RUV, or whatever they are called. I anticipated a quick drive around to a few dealerships to size up each of the offerings from the various manufacturers, and expected I’d be in my new side-by-side before the weekend. I mean, how many options could there be in the seemingly young side-by-side market?

Well, too many to mention actually.

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How To Keep Your ATV Young
Nothing is better than riding and enjoying a brand new ATV, but we can't simply get a new one each year. So how can you keep your ATV young?
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Buying an ATV – Alerts, Tips and Anecdotes
If you're thinking of buying an ATV, we've put together a series of Alerts, Tips and Anecdotes to help you along your way.
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Top 5 ATV Anti-theft Tips
The last thing any ATV or UTV owner wants is to head out for a ride and find their machine stolen. Here are five tips to minimize the risk of ATV theft.
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Basic ATV Riding Techniques
If you or somebody you know if thinking of trying out ATVing for the first time, learning proper riding techniques is a very good idea.
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How To Choose the Right ATV
With a little research, you can go into a dealership fully armed with the info you need to choose the right ATV for your needs.
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